Tuan Benny Wenda Mendukung Kemerdekaan Skotlandia

Kesepakatan saling mendukung kemerdekaan antara Tuan Benny Wenda dengan Parlemen Skotlandia.


3 Responses to “Tuan Benny Wenda Mendukung Kemerdekaan Skotlandia”

  1. I admire Benny Wenda for his work on Free West Papua, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that he has committed murder crimes.

  2. Yonggime Wenda Says:

    Wa wa wa Wakarige nen at Yabu eruak o nowe nggain

  3. jefry wenda Says:

    independence is the right of all bangas therefore colonization in dinia have been waived
    because no
    so basically Papua should be independent

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