Perintah Tuan Benny Wenda

Pada 9 November 2009, Yang Mulia Tuan Benny Wenda telah memerintahkan seluruh elemen Kemerdekaan Papua Barat, khususnya jaringan Free West Papua Campaign, baik yang di Belanda (Free West Papua Campaign – NL) yang dipimpin oleh Oridek AP, Free West Papua Kampagne Deutschland (Jerman), Free West Papua kampan Ceska Republika, serta seluruh pendukung kemerdekaan Papua untuk menolak dialog dengan Jakarta.

Sadarlah dan Janganlah jual murah cita-cita kemerdekaan Papua Barat.  Sadarlah bahwa tanpa international mediation, dialog Jakarta-Papua itu tidak akan membawa kemerdekaan.

Seluruh anak buah Yang Mulia Tuan Benny Wenda dalam jaringan internasional Free West Papua Campaign TIDAK mendukung program/manifestasi Papua Pride yang akan datang. Orang2 amber TIDAK berhak untuk bicara tentang bangsa Papua punya PRIDE, dan kalau mereka (Yayasan Hapin dan Pace) tidak berani mendukung perjuangan Papua Merdeka di umum, dan berarti mereka juga jangan bicara soal Otsus dan Dialog Musyawarah Jakarta-Papua itu.

Demikian Pesan Yang Mulia Tuan Benny Wenda.

Merdeka !!!

“While my people continue to suffer and continue to die, nothing will stop my campaign”



5 Responses to “Perintah Tuan Benny Wenda”

  1. kalo berjuang, berjuang yg sungguh2, sejahterakan rakyat papua…bukan jalan2 loby di luar negeri, senang ya banyak BAR disana…mabok terus….

  2. peace full ….

  3. octavi derei Says:

    dear Tuan Strugle
    we are or west papuan very suport for launch of the ipwp and ilwp in UNI uropa Brussel Belgia today and the launch ipwp and ilwp we are too held demondtrasi every region in west papua,special timika region we are demonstrasi with peacefull.

  4. albert wanimbo Says:


    tolong deled kata “anak Buah”

    karena dalam perjuangan tidak ada Boss dan anak buah..
    semuanya sama, juga tidak ada garis komando dalam stratak sosial-politik , yang ada hanya Koordinasi. kecuali Militer (TPN-OPM)…

    thx a lot bro…

    ———–koteka united————–

  5. Dear Benny Wenda..

    I really do not understand, peolpe who claimed to fight for independence of Papua in abroad was a real opportunist. It was saying that did a struggle, but the fact is get a commission over the fate of the people of Papua. Proved that the Papuans are fooling their own people, especially those calling themselves Benny Wenda. Even the consequences, people of Papua cult as “follower or even slave”, really a shame.

    For several times, I have observed how about the pattern of the Papuans struggle abroad, there was not really pure. Though times had changed. Indonesia is even more democratic than the United States, who we know “the King” democracy. However, we have support the advancement and improvement which now running. I think, Benny Wenda, due to a very high prestige, ashamed to return to his Homeland. Today was a lot of our friends who return to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, and build the region. Let us improve our skills so that someday, we can compete with other Indonesian citizens and Indonesian Papua advance within the framework of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

    I appreciate if you be ready doing corresponding with me…
    Please send your comment and critic to

    God Bless Us

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