The Lani Singers BBC Radio 3 Publicity: World Routes

Saturday 27 September
3.00-4.00pm BBC RADIO 3
Lucy Duran reviews new world-music releases with Senegalese DJ Dudu Sarr and UK music critic Nigel Williamson. The trio are joined in the studio by The Lani Singers,


, a duo who fled imprisonment from the Indonesian authorities in West Papua, and whose songs reflect the ancient rituals of the Lani people.

Benny and Maria Wenda are members of the Lani ethnic group, many of whom still follow traditional ways of life that are said to have changed little for hundreds of years. As leader of the Koteka Tribal Assembly, Benny became involved in the separatist movement in West Papua. Although the region has been internationally recognised as a province of Indonesia since the Sixties, the separatist movement claim that traditional Papuan culture is being supressed. Benny escaped imprisonment by the Indonesian authorities five years ago and he and Maria now live in exile in the UK. Their songs reflect traditional Lani values, and the struggle to assert the culture of West Papua.

Presenter/Lucy Duran, Producer/Roger Short

BBC Radio 3 Publicity


2 Responses to “The Lani Singers BBC Radio 3 Publicity: World Routes”

  1. Tommy Calvin Says:

    So now that we had our storyline on West Papua, we will support you guys!!

  2. Terus berjuang sodaraku ! Papua Merdeka !

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